Meet The Team

Wayne Karim


At an early age, Wayne witnessed the tragic effects of addiction and substance abuse. Later, he would both see and experience the demonization of people using alternative routes to seek help.

These experiences instilled in him a passion for creating effective, safe, and legal wellness products that could be accessed without limitation due to legislative, medical, or economic barriers.

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Nathan Carnley

Nathan is a military veteran who has used those experiences as his inspiration to help others seek their own improvements in their health.

First in the physical realm, as a massage therapist. Then, in recent years, translating that same passion into the worlds of subconscious reprogramming and self development.

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About Elixium

Our Values


We strive to use ingredients and deliver products that are of the highest quality. By doing so, we aim to give people a way to not only improve their state in the moment, but to also improve their long-term health.


We are committed to giving ten percent of our profits to various initiatives that align with our values. These include environmental restoration and sustainability projects, psychedelic outreach, education, and more.


We believe that what has been damaged must be restored. We feel that this applies to our planet as well as our collective mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

How It Started

We're Nate and Wayne. Together, we formed Elixium because we have both seen first hand how powerful of an impact psychoactive substances, properly applied, can have on someone's life.

Driven by separate experiences, we each bring complimentary elements to the goal of making this kind of care accessible, affordable, and effective.